photo of Lynne superimposed on painting Silent Journey

Lynne Jones-Dietze

Lynne Jones-Dietze, a Pennsylvania native, became interested in drawing and painting at an early age. She studied traditional Western technique at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts in the mid-eighties, and curated an impressive private impressionist collection.

She studied Chinese techniques under noted artist Ru-Lah Weng for eight years while also earning a certificate in Gallery Management . After much independent work including Western watercolor study with Phillip Bank, Lynne broadened her Asian technique in years of classes with Josephine Tsai.

Lynne's aggregate technique is fuses traditional asian art with her impressionist roots, providing a unique approach to traditional Chinese Flower painting.

photo of Lynne Jones Dietze
Lynne Jones Dietze

Please take a tour of Lynne's portfolio or to see it in person and meet Lynne please accept our invitation to attend an upcoming show or event.

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